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Premier Life Coaching

Ready to Soar to Greater Heights?


Knowing most of us experience some level of dysfunction and/or trauma during our lifetime, and personally experienced several of my own.  Given the ability to understand the unlimited potential the human mind, body and spirit can achieve.  I have made my life purpose to expand my knowledge and understanding of the powerful alternative techniques that have assisted me throughout my own healing process, a journey never-ending.  It is my desire to share those gifts that have empowered me and sparked powerful new perspectives, giving me renewed hope in the midst of some extremely challenging situations in during my life.  The power of thoughts and perspective changes the view from within.      

Premiere Life Coaching is a technique I developed based on my personal life experiences from trauma to thriving.  I have spent decades studying and using these tools and discovering new techniques along the way.  I worked through my own healing process using a combination of alternative and holistic tools.  Discovering these techniques inspired me to open The Wellness Station.  My coaching techniques are customized to each individuals needs.  I use a variety of holistic tools to provide a platform that can allow people to discover and tap into their belief system to spark a desire to create a healing process as they allow the energy to flow through them.  I am hear to assist you on your personal journey. 

Call now to hear what our Premiere Coaching program can offer you

                                                                                                                                                                                                       ARE YOU READY?

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We DO NOT treat, diagnose, or cure anyone.  Our services are not intended to replace any medical care provided by qualified professional and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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