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Wellness Tools

Premiere Life Coaching Sessions

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 Premiere Life Coaching is customized to each individuals professional and/or personal goals.  Premiere coaching uses a variety of unique tools that can stimulate the bodies response to clear blocked energy, spark new insight, empower and stimulate new thought provoking perspectives.  Coaching can assist people to think outside the box, looking for real results? I am looking forward to meeting you. 

PEMF Pulsing Sessions

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PEMF energy provides your body with maximum cellular capacity, which automatically leads to optimal physical health. It is a truism that you are only as healthy as your cells.  Another one of our tools that has changed clients lives on several levels.  


cropped shot of reiki healer doing thera

Reiki, Invisible to the naked eye, a "life force energy" or "rei-ki"  (also known as "prana and/or chi")  flows through all living things, including plants, animals, and people. A powerful experience that you are sure not to forget! 

Meditation Sound Chair 

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Sound has been used as an effective tool to not only achieve a state of relaxation to calm the mind, body and spirit.  It may also assist to create an energy flow with in the body to clear blocked energy.  We can all sense energy in and around us.  Our sound chair is a powerful tool that is sure to tug on your heart strings and leave you in serenity state of being.


We DO NOT treat, diagnose, or cure anyone.  Our services are not intended to replace any medical care provided by qualified professional and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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