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About The Methods

Each method works a little different for each individual depending on their goals and participation. I strategically line up the right type of tool for each client's success.

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Preimiere Life Coaching

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Premiere Life Coaching sessions are about facilitating you through your personal life challenging experiences.  A place where you are heard, and acknowledged without shame or judgement.  Sometimes we need a sounding board so we can hear ourselves. Together, we can discover new tools within you that empower and inspire beyond your current self.  We all struggle with self limiting beliefs, and or personal road blocks.  It helps to know you have someone who will be direct and real with you without judgment. 

Are you ready?    

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What to expect in a session?

For a Reiki session you will lay on an soft padded mat, fully clothed.  A light blanket is offered for additional comfort.  Reiki is administered by a professional with their hands as they hover a few inches over the body gentle guiding the energy.  All reiki sessions are non invasive, calming, and relaxing.  

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Crystal Grid Sound Chair

What to expect in a sound chair session

The frequencies of sound at 432 Hz is also recognizing the earth's natural frequency.  

In a sound chair session you will sit comfortably as the cords on the back are strummed creating a healing sound vibration.  As you begin your deep breathing and meditation journey your body will begin to relax into a deep meditative state.  All sessions are non invasive, relaxing and intended to ground, relax and inspire you.

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