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My  Journey

Honoring spirit, living in gratitude.

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Hello, and greetings. Thank you for visiting my website.  
I am Shanna. 
The following is a small part of my story that led me to create The Wellness Station. 

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The summer of 1982, a tragic car accident claimed the lives of my two dearest friends and left me fighting for my own.  Waking, after several days in a comma, I found myself engulfed in an emotional healing abyss.  A journey that has taken decades to unravel as I immersed myself into the art of healing. 

Six weeks later, my trip home from the hospital would be the beginning of a myriad of life physical, spiritual, and psychological entanglements that would drive me to focus on my faith and some profound healing tools for a better quality of life.   As I continue to embrace the many opportunity's to heal throughout my personal loss, grief, and shame, the traumas began to look and feel different.  As I leaned into to facing my own shadows, with accountability, and loving support, my world began to shift, and my inner light began to reveal a light that would lead me to a life filled with more gratitude than I ever imagined.  

Little did I know, my near-death experience would take me down a path leading me to create The Wellness Station.  A place for people to come and expand upon their own personal healing journey without judgement or shame, a place to be heard and to uncover your accountability light, and shine.

In gratitude, with Love and Light,


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Honoring Spirit Living in Gratitude 

The Story Behind the Dandelion 

The story behind the dandelion...On a beautiful spring day over 22 years ago our youngest son gave me a big beautiful dandelion.  He told me I could make a wish to grow my leg back which I had lost in my accident.  He was only four years old at the time.  I tucked that dandelion away in a wooden box and it is still there to this day.  That seed reminds me of the power of faith, hope and continues to be a source of inspiration that fuels my desire to continue to do the work to thrive in this world and inspire others to do the same.

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We DO NOT treat, diagnose, or cure anyone.  Our services are not intended to replace any medical care provided by qualified professional and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Individual results vary.

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