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Grateful Hearts

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  A friend of mine saw how I was struggling after the loss of my sweet daughter.  I felt tortured on so many levels.  I met with Ms. Shanna for our first session.  It was a session that would change my life on several levels and lift a ton of weight from my heart.  Ms. Shanna helped me throughout the coming months.  Her skills are not something that is learned, they are truly spiritual gifts that keep on giving, timeless.  She was able to help me discover some of the core issues I was struggling with at that time.  She assisted me in discovering some new tools I needed to move on with peace in my heart.  I will forever be grateful to Shanna and I would definitely recommend anyone dealing with challenges such as loss, pain or trauma to give her a call.  As a professional and V.P. of a large corporation I would highly recommend Shanna services.      


   Charles W

Shanna's ability to give raw, real perspective along with her unique spiritual insight is always right on track for me. There are very few people in the world that I trust, and Shanna is someone who I can trust wholeheartedly.  No matter what I am going through Shanna always makes me feel heard, shameless, and understood.  Shanna's approach is powerful on several unique levels. It is relevant, and powerful.  She makes me feel accepted no matter what I am going through.  Its always a treat to experience her energy work.  Shanna helped me understand from a perspective that inspired me to move forward with my own personal healing process.  I left with more self confidence and understood the power in asking for help instead of running from it.  She is authentic, compassionate and has amazing tools that helped me tremendously. 

I would highly recommend her services. 

Kim G

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"My experience with the sound chair was profound!  The vibrations from the music that I felt in my whole being helped to settle and ground me, In a sense align my spirit.  I highly recommend this experience."


~Ginger W.

"It was to my surprise what a treat I was in for. When I met Shanna by chance, I had recently lost a parent due to illness. Of course we never have enough time with our loved ones.  When I met with Shanna she guided my mom and I through a healing session as I would call it. Shanna has a gentle, caring way about her and she delivered what both my mom and I needed to move forward with our healing process. This process has been a blessing and I am thankful for the spiritual gifts that Shanna has to offer."


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"Shanna is a compassionate caring healer and her approach to healing is both intuitive and technical. Because of this she was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed. With her help, my experience on the mat was so beneficial that I bought one!  It was very instrumental in reducing my over pain and increasing my energy level."


~Jill S.

"I've had chronic low back pain since I was 16. I've been seeing a chiropractor for over 10 years and see a massage therapist every 3-4 weeks with some relief, but never completely rid of the nagging pain daily in my low back. I also have chronic tension in my upper back and neck. I tried PEMF with Shanna not having a lot of expectations for just 1 session, and I had immediate results. I had no low back pain and the pain/tension in my neck was 80% better after using the mat and having the wand on my neck. I thought that I would feel good for about a day or so, but I've had 5 days pain free. I haven't had that many days pain free for almost 20 years! I'm blown away! The magnetic field penetrated deep into the source of inflammation in my back and neck that no other therapy was able to reach. It's been the most effective therapy for my pain that I've found and I had tons more energy. I've had no side effects, only positive results. I'm looking forward to continuing to do sessions with Shanna to find even more benefits!"

~Christine G.

"I began working with Shanna in the summer of 2017.  I worked with her PEMF Mat for several weeks and it changed my life on so many levels.  My overall pain level was reduced, my mood was enhanced and my energy level increased.  My blood pressure even went down.  I personally had amazing results in mind, body and spirit working with the PEMF mat.  It relieved my pain in my hip after only 2 sessions and hasn't returned.  I always felt genuinely welcomed by Shanna, she is honest, integral, and compassionate. She is truly authentic in her work and it shows.  I always left feeling empowered, relaxed and a sense of balance.  She helped me discover my own tools and how to use them and uncover some of what was blocking me. She is an amazing fun, kind hearted Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach and PEMF Rep.  I would highly recommend giving her services a go."

~Ayn S.

"I have known Shanna for a long time and I can personally say that her passion shines through all of her work. From my own experiences after Reiki sessions from her, I always feel very relaxed & have beautiful spiritual awakenings during my sessions. Shanna always creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for every client and I highly recommend booking an appointment with her to see first hand how incredible her work truly is."

~Alexa R.

As an energy worker and registered nurse, I love trying new modalities for health and energetic support. I first tried a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) session with Shanna in September of 2017. I laid down on the PEMF mat as Shanna guided me through what to expect, and a calming guided meditation. She has a warm, caring, confident demeanor and is wonderful to work with. As the session began I could feel the pulsations gently running through my body-- organizing, relaxing, and calming my being on a cellular and energetic level. After only 10 minutes I felt calmer, brighter, and more energetic, and the effects lasted for several days. Later that day I felt I communicated more clearly, and I felt more grounded in my body after just one session. (PEMF can help with innumerable things, which makes sense, as 1918 Nobel prize winner Max Planck said, vibration is the matrix of all matter (everything is vibration!)).


I continued seeing Shanna for PEMF sessions for a few months, and I have since purchased my own mat from Shanna (for daily energetic self-support and pain relief), and it has been amazing to use at home daily! I highly recommend everyone try a PEMF session at The Wellness Station, as it is incredibly relaxing and healing, in just minutes!


Shanna also offers intuitive Life Coaching sessions, and with her guidance and encouragement I took the steps to expand from nursing, to opening my own reiki practice in January of 2018. Shanna is truly a joy to work with, and I would recommend my closest friends to try life coaching with her, as she is integral, supportive, and deeply intuitive!


~Karly Ridings, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner


We DO NOT treat, diagnose, or cure anyone.  Our services are not intended to replace any medical care provided by qualified professional and they are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Individual results vary.

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